Christie Bevington Scholarship

The Christie Bevington GRI Scholarship is for agent just starting the GRI program.  They must be five years or less of being licensed.  The GRI classes are $249.00 each except for Rookie Training/ GRI 101 which is $149.00..  There are 6 classes for a total value of $1,394.00.  Reimbursement will be after all 6 GRI classes are taken.  
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Graduate Realtor Institute RGB



Rookie/GRI 101 Scholarship

Rookie Training gives agents in-depth information and hands on training regarding the listing, selling, marketing of property and management of a real estate career.  Agents gain comprehensive knowledge on the primary functions of a REALTOR®, in addition to reinforcement of professionalism and a methodology of establishing a life time client relationship.  CLICK HERE FOR 2023 APPLICATION

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